Youth Violence

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youth violence location:United_States - Google News
Recent NY Times article on youth violence in Chicago:


You are welcome to look for other groups - this list may help you get started.
Heritage Foundation - and specific article on youth violence: Adult Time for Adult Crime
American Bar Association - Juvenile Justice Committee - specific data on Juvenile Justice
National Juvenile Defense Center
Center for Juvenile Justice Reform - Georgetown University
Act4JuvenileJustice - provides information about re-authorization of the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Protection Act


• PBS Resource on Treating Juveniles as Adults - especially look at the debate about whether to treat juvenile offenders as children vs. adults.
• PBS Frontline - map and information about juveniles who have received life sentences without parole:
• A law introduced (not yet passed) to end federal sentencing of juveniles to life in prison without parole and provide incentives to states to do the same:
• Office of Juvenile Justice Prevention Programs, part of US Justice Dept. (Executive Branch):
• Article on new study about how many youth are sent to adult prisons:

• New York Times article on juvenile sentencing - Nov. 09 and 2nd article, "Weighing Life in Prison for Youths Who Didn’t Kill."
• Recent reforms in Maine's juvenile justice system (Portland Press Herald article in March 2010):
• Great article about Maine's experience and reauthorization of JJDPA: This mentions a task force put into place in Maine; the link above this one reports on that task force's findings.



Suggested cases for you to review include (choose one):
Kent v. United States
In re Gault
New Jersey v. TLO
Roper v. Simmons
Graham v. Florida (Highly recommend this case - most current - about youth getting life in prison without parole)

Here is one helpful resource link (type in case name in search box). The library has a number of excellent resources. You may use other online sources as well (with the exception of wikipedia).


The Justice Department is the country's top law enforcement agency, including juveniles. The office also collects data about juvenile offenders. Please read this link to learn more about this executive agency. Click here for some helpful data on juvenile offenders.


Overview on a federal law here.