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Eating Disorders


You are welcome to look for other groups - this list may help you get started.
Organizations advocating for government action to reduce childhood obesity
• American Public Health Association - with a specific link about public policy choices here:
• Improve School Foods -
• Food Research Action Center and specific initiatives about childhood obesity:
• Obesity Action Coalition -

Organizations that do not think government should take strong action to reduce childhood obesity
• CATO Institute - Specific article about childhood obesity and San Francisco's recent ban on toys in fast food meals: Specific article about tax on sodas:
Center for Consumer Freedom - look for links on the left about obesity

EXERCISE in SCHOOLS (see 4th and 5th paragraphs)
• American Heart Association - (maps of where obesity is highest and how it has changed over time)

•AMA on obesity-related laws
• PRO/CON - website with information about both sides of the obesity debate -
• Experts share views on New York Times blog:
• Recent legislation passed in the US Senate: For more on the bill, click here: This bill has not yet been passed in the House of Representatives (, so it has not yet become law.

School Nutrition Guidelines
Washington Post report on recent Congressional action - beyond the headlines - pizza as a vegetable
National School Lunch Program - lots of information -
Federal government tightens nutrition standards - CNN Jan 2011 -
Senator Collins saves potato in school lunches -

Really helpful data here on obesity trends for young people -

November 2010 public opinion poll (you may have to make the charts after reading data in report):

This report compares public opinion polls in US and Europe on whether the government should do more to respond to childhood obesity - and report:

Obesity Litigation (Lawsuits) in America - overview article (also discusses the Pelman v. McDonald's case - scroll down)
The McLawsuit: Fast Food Industry and Legal Accountability for Obesity

• President Obama signs the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act -
• Idea to tax soda - and government study -

• Urges federal government to pass the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act -
• Education Secretary and Agriculture Secretary urge Congress to pass legislation to improve school meals - excellent summary of what is included in the legislation: