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illegal immigration laws - Google News


• New York Times Topics: Immigration and emigration including overview
Current bipartisan plan outlined by Senator Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Graham (R-SC) - article contains helpful details - This may be helpful in terms of thinking about your policy recommendation? Here is a breakdown of pros & cons of the Schumer-Graham proposal:


• Timeline of US Immigration Policy -
• Obama Administration Deporting Illegals with Criminal Backgrounds -
Make E-Verify Mandatory?

2006/2007 Reform Bills - This article describes how the Senate and House of Rep. bills were different and they would have a hard time reconciling them. The last few paragraphs of the article lay out the specifics of the Senate bill. Remember that this did not pass in Congress (the House and Senate never reconciled their bills). This should give you more specifics on what has been proposed in the past.

• Learn more about Arizona's recent legislation about illegal immigration:
• Learn more about the federal government's challenge of Arizona's law: or
• This article talk about which provisions of Arizona's law are being challenged and what actually went into effect:
• ANOTHER Arizona law about employers knowingly hiring illegal immigrants is being challenged in the US Supreme Court:

Current Controversy & Opposing viewpoint
• Colorado is considering an immigration law (January 2011) similar to that of Arizona. Also includes one interests group's estimates of the costs of illegal immigrants on taxpayers.
• A different perspective - click on these mythbusters -

PRO/CON - website with information about both sides of the immigration debate -
• 2006 article estimating the number of illegal immigrants in the country and discusses some of the challenges in counting them.

• Learn more about the DREAM Act (not yet passed in Congress), which would give illegal immigrant children a path toward citizenship:
• White House - Q & A on DREAM Act -


You are welcome to look for other groups - this list may help you get started.

American Civil Liberties Union Homepage, Link1
American Immigration Lawyers' Association
Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)


A lot of public opinion polls on immigration - read carefully to see which question(s) most apply -
Source of helpful immigration statistics - and

Interactive map of states most affected by illegal immigration:
Public opinion poll of what Hispanics think should happen on immigration:
Flows of immigrants down during recession:
Map of states that have passed immigration laws (2010):


Suggested case for you to review:
Flores-Figueroa v. United States link 1 is a good summary of the outcome of the case and how it applies to the larger illegal immigration issue
link 2 gives a good description of what Flores-Figuero was accused of and what the lower courts had said
link 3 summarizes the whole case

Plyler v. Doe
Here is one helpful resource link (type in case name in search box). The library has a number of excellent resources. You may use other online sources as well (with the exception of wikipedia).


A summary of Federal Laws about immigration can be found at this link.

2005 - REAL ID - commentary about what this will mean for states with a small section on what it will mean for immigrants.

Arizona's Law -


An article that talks about the costs of educating illegal immigrants in the US as a result of the Plyler v. Doe decision (and the author's viewpoint does not support this ruling).Watch a video on illegal immigration and check out links that include local law enforcement efforts in Maine. PBS NOW.
Help with policy alternatives: Heritage Foundation, Cato Foundation


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

Learning about Connections to the Executive Branch - please read this link and to learn more about an executive branch department related to your topic. Click here to learn more about some aspects of your topic that also relate to this executive department branch (and note the rich sources of data for future work on your topic available by clicking on the .pdf files). Justice Department link.

An article that talks about the costs of educating illegal immigrants in the US as a result of the Plyler v. Doe decision (and the author's viewpoint does not support this ruling).