Save Darfur
Cato Institute - policy position on Darfur
Physicians for Human Rights - Link 1 and Link 2
PBS - Obama administration policy toward Darfur and African Union's efforts
Council on Foreign Relations - Crisis Guide Darfur

To help with alternative viewpoints, this resource lists many candidates' views on US involvement in Darfur:


Obama Administration policy on Darfur - Q/A - 1 hour video
Los Angeles Times article on past policy and possible future policy by the Obama administration.
Public opinion poll on Darfur
Map1 (British Broadcasting Corp)and Map 2 (US Agency for International Development) of refugees/internally displaced in Darfur
Explanation of difference between internally displaced person and refugee.
US Agency for International Development (USAID) 2009 report on Darfur -

Pie chart of US federal spending and another one and a third source
UN authorizes peacekeepers in Sudan - 2007,Christian Science Monitor article 2008 and follow-up situation August 2009
Comparison US & other countries as aid donors


Amnesty International - Information about the charges against al-Bashir
Information about the International Criminal Court


The US State Department is the agency that handles US foreign policy. Some links are included here to help you learn more about US foreign policy toward Sudan.
2005 State Department Report on Sudan -
Link 1 - Obama Administration's Sudan strategy
Link 2- background briefing on Sudan
Link 3 - State Department blog on Sudan
Link 4 - Amount of humanitarian aid sent to Darfur (2008)


African Growth and Opportunity Act

Legislation considered in Congress (may have passed the House or Senate, but not both - so not signed by the President into law) - also considers laws passed by states.

Darfur Peace and Accountability Act- 2006