Judicial Watch
American Academy of Family Physicians Link 1 and Link 2
Centers for Disease Control - HPV Vaccine
Discussion of pros/cons of HPV vaccine in Illinois
Here is a pamphlet from the Family Research Council, a very powerful conservative interest group:


Information regarding court cases requiring vaccination - link 1, link 2
Suggested cases for you to review include (choose one):
Jacobson v. Massachusetts 1905

Here is one helpful resource link (type in case name in search box). The library has a number of excellent resources. You may use other online sources as well (with the exception of wikipedia).


Two government agencies monitor the safety of vaccines in the US.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - link 1 and link 2 - may provide helpful information about the CDC's efforts to educate the public and researches and provides information about the HPV vaccine.

The Food and Drug Administration issued this report on the HPV vaccine.


Public Health laws are generally state and local policy
Most states have some sort of school vaccination requirement and HPV is tied to that in some cases.
2006 New Hampshire becomes first state to offer HPV vaccine free to all girls.
2007 Virginia and Washington, D.C., require HPV vaccine for sixth-grade girls

Virginia law and link 2 and link 3.

Report on the status of legislation in various states.