Public Policy Resources and Assignments (most recent assignment at the top)




Policy Recommendation
A document to help you formulate your policy recommendation.

Ask an Expert

Alternative Policies and Interest Groups
Students will research interest groups that propose alternative policies on their topic and provide supporting evidence.

Statistics and Opinion Polls
Students will look for statistical data and opinion polls relevant to their public policy topic.

Important: this assignment has two components - one statistical chart and one public opinion poll. Please ask me if you're not sure about the differences and/or please refer to the exemplar.

Resources for statistics/visual data part of assignment:
1) check CQ Researcher if this was a resource for your topic
2) check Opposing Viewpoints (look for Statistics page)

Resources for public opinion part of assignment:
1) go to and type in your subject keyword(s) into the search box or
2) go to and type your subject keyword(s) into the search box
3) go to and type in your subject keyword(s) into the search box

- check the public policy wiki/topic page for suggested links (these may be somewhat outdated). Please feel free to add helpful links to your wiki page under the Statistics/Polls heading.

Judicial Branch
Students will research and analyze a court case relevant to their public policy topic.

Legislative Branch - Relevant Law

or Executive Branch - Executive Action
Students will research about a local, state, or federal law or executive action relevant to their public policy topic.

Issue Overview
Students will write a brief overview of their topic and provide information about opposing viewpoints.

Initial Interest Statement
Students will share what they already know about their topic, identify a few new facts, and explain why they are interested in the topic.

Final Position Memo
Students will write a one page memo with their policy recommendation supported with evidence.

Policy Presentation
Students will prepare a presentation with images to share their policy recommendation.

Ask an Expert
Students will contact an expert in their field and ask a question(s) to expand their knowledge about their topics. Remember to cc: Ms. Sanders on any emails sent!

Students will begin to map out their final presentations with policy recommendation.


Executive Branch Action
Students will learn about a specific executive branch agency (federal or state) that does important work related to their topic. They will describe the work of the agency and gather some new evidence (facts).
Federal executive branch organizational chart
Federal executive branch list of agencies
Maine's executive branch list of agencies




Data Collection
Students will learn about any new aspect of their topic (their choice). Look for an article with some depth and information about an aspect of your topic that is new!